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Missed Sewer? *%$#@ Happens

We get a few calls each year from plumbers, builders and inspectors about homes or buildings under construction that miscalculate the sewer elevation.

You guessed it, somebody miscalculated the location of the gravity sewer connection in the street or they set the elevation of the house too low.

If the building has a basement, the plumber can re-route and install a hung sewer that will offer gravity drainage for a portion of the building or home. If that is feasible they will only have to pump a portion of the home and the rest will be taken away by gravity.

Depending on the design of the lower level or basement, the hung sewer may not be an option. Then the whole house will need to be pumped. If that is the case we have the experience to help design and supply a properly sized waste water system that will work for your job.

Here are a few questions to consider.

How many water supply fixtures are there?

Is it a residential or commercial building?

What is the total vertical pumping height?

What is the total horizontal pumping distance, and are there any elbows or other pipe fittings?

We can size the basin, pumps, switches and controls to fit most situations. And as always we recommend a highwater alarm for all pump systems and suggest a duplex system (two pumps) for large estate size homes as added protection.

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